Weekend Warrior: SF to Yosemite

Weekend Warrior: SF to Yosemite
It’s the weekend! And, you want to escape your big/city town? Woo, roadtrip! Beep, beep!
We grabbed one of our new travel bags, The Roadtripper and Dopp Kit, to take with us to one of our favorite national parks, Yosemite! Here are some easy reminders to keep in the passenger seat for your quick weekend journey!

  • The Road Ahead: Before setting out of the city, be sure to check your route and any needed pit-stops along the way. Gas stations, food, etc. can be hard to come by once you drive deeper towards Yosemite Valley or most National Parks. Use Google Maps offline maps too! Service is very spotty along the route and an offline map can save you! 


  • Pack Smart: Your vehicle may be able to store a lot but you should still pack light! If you need to make any emergency stops or need to find something quickly, packing only the necessities will take a lot of stress off of your trip. We often overpack but in reality, you will not use more than half of what you pack! In our Roadtripper Duffel, we suggest 1 outfit per day plus an emergency outfit for every two days (and you may still have enough space in this bag for anything extra!) Necessary toiletries are only needed! You don’t need to pack your entire bathroom shelf! Our Dopp Kit is perfect to keep everything organized!


  • Time Conscious: Being ‘on time’ can make your road trip sound like a work day but it’s smart to be aware of when you arrive. Plan out your top national park attractions according to when the sunrises to the sunsets. If you will arrive towards the backend of the day, be sure to hit up a spot that is great to watch sunset – like Taft Point (rewarding 2 mile hike to an amazing lookout) or Glacier Point which is just a parking lot away to the best views of Yosemite! Your trip should be relaxing so keeping on a schedule is smart to avoid missed photo opportunities! 


  • Safety First: And, of course – your vehicle! If you’re renting or have your own, make sure to have your car checked and prepared before your departure. Have jumper cables, a spare tire, and other auto-related items just in case an emergency happens. Be aware of your surroundings and be sure to tell someone where you will be staying, when you will arrive, and when you will return. 
Hitting the road this fall shouldn’t be daunting! Prepare your pack, your car, and your plan and it will be as easy as 1-2-3!

Safe travels and be sure to tag your adventures on Instagram @outdoorproducts #packforlife!
Photography & Words by: Gina Danza (Product Content Manager)