The Outdoor Products Team

Royce Fonseca

@casunshine0508 x @vantasticparks
Royce is our lead Ambassador for the Outdoor Products team. She is a full time vanlifer, adventurer and photographer. Her home base is in Northern California but you can find her traveling all over the place in her van promoting her trash cleanup effort and meeting incredible fellow adventurers along the way. If you happen to see the van, say Hi, get some free Outdoor Products stickers and Tag us using #vantasticoutdoors for a discount code.

Darwin Paul

Darwin is an avid outdoor adventurer and photographer. He spends a lot of time hiking at high elevation and enjoys Mt. Whitney the most. Darwin has a beautiful wife and daughter and 4 amazing dog’s that enjoy their travels.

Chris Grays

Hi! My name is Mountain Mic (pronounced like microphone) and I am a Content Creator and own a Hiking + Travel company that specializes in luxury destination hiking trips (DestinationHL), local group hikes (TrapHike and Occupy: Hike), and holistic wellness (specifically Mental Health). Mountain Mic stands for “Finding your voice and while overcoming insurmountable odds,” and that’s exactly what hiking has done for me.Throughout my journey, I’ve learned my purpose in life is to connect people and spread my light. What better way to that, then through hiking!

This Adventure Family

We are Ryan, Natalia + Benjamin & Jack. We are a family who love being outdoors and exploring new places. We live full time in our RV and travel across the United States. Every day is an adventure, big or small, and making memories together is what it’s all about!

James Shin

James is a photographer and outdoor enthusiast based in Los Angeles, California.  Outside of his daytime profession as a Senior Sales Manager,he captures creative visual stories with his camera around Southern California and National Parks.