Our Business

As a company embedded in a heritage of outdoor brands, caring for the environment and for our community has always been part of our DNA. Outdoor Products formed in 1973 and is still a family owned and operated business. Our longevity, our breadth of brands, and the commitment of our deep-rooted team provides the integral capacity for our business to endure.

Our People

Our employees, our customers, our consumers, and our communities across the globe are the catalysts of our success, which is why we believe brands are more than just a label or a stitch. We ensure rigorous oversight of our entire production process in all of our facilities that include guidelines for fair labor practices, employee rights and professional management systems. With operations that scan the globe, teamwork is in our every day routine in order to guarantee an efficient process flow between all of our diverse cultures and lifestyles.

Our Environment

Outdoor Products is committed to neutralizing environmental degradation that stems from activities in our operations. We examine the impacts of every aspect of how our packs are engineered, from innovation through manufacturing in our facilities, all the way to packaging and distribution. Educating our vendors on the importance of environmental standards and supply chain security allows us to annually elevate our practices and expectations for waste management and reduction, proper handling of hazardous materials, efficient energy usage, healthy and safety improvements, and are in compliance with the most conservative toxicity standards.

Our Community

As it relates directly to our outdoor reputation, a sustainable business gives more than it takes. We give back to the communities where our resources make the greatest impact and support the organizations that share our vision. Whether it be 300 backpacks for school children in Haiti, gear for community initiatives down the street from our headquarters in Los Angeles, or our latest “buy a pack, give a pack” campaign, we enjoy working hand in hand to make a difference if just for one life.

Whether it’s for work, play, or travel – Outdoor Products helps you pack for life.

Recent Events

Glassell Park Annual Backpacks and School Supplies Giveaway

When communities actively participate in the food system, they take ownership of their health and their environment. For years a small house on Drew Street in Glassell Park was an epicenter for drugs and gang activity -- locals and authorities agree that the two-block stretch where it sat was among the scariest in all of Los Angeles.

Today, the land has been transformed into a community garden providing seasonal produce and fresh herbs to the neighborhood. For residents who lived for decades in fear on Drew Street, the garden is not only a welcomed reprieve from violence, but also a beautiful addition to the block and an opportunity to connect with agriculture and promote healthier eating habits. 

Our company was honored to be a part of this years Backpack & School Supplies Giveaway for the underprivileged kids of the neighborhood. Together with the community we were able to provide 200 backpacks for the children.


Gatanga Orphanage Backpack Donation through GoCampaign

 Gatanga Furaha Children’s Center (GFCC) addresses the needs of orphans living in the Gatanga District of Nairobi, Kenya. Many of the 22 orphans who call GFCC home witnessed their parents die of AIDS and have suffered the hardships of severe poverty. 

For the last 3 years, GO Campaign has partnered with GFCC to provide these orphans with a loving environment, improved diet, clothing, access to health care, and an education. As a result of this support, children at GFCC are thriving! Two of the older children earned such high marks on their national exams that they were accepted with full scholarships to the best schools in the district.  Funding from GO Campaign has made a significant impact in the lives of these children, and while sustainable solutions are explored, continued support is critical to ensuring that all the children have the tools they need to excel in school and in life.