We are looking for passionate individuals that connect with our brand, as well as with the community around them.
Do you consider yourself an outdoors enthusiast?
Do you spend time on the trail enjoying the scenery?
Do you have an idea of how to create content for social media?
Would you like to earn some extra money?!

Then keep scrolling to learn more!

What does a brand ambassador do?
We expect ambassadors to be passionate about promoting Outdoor Products on their social media accounts and in their local communities. Ambassadors understand our core values and use their social media accounts to spread our message. As an ambassador you would make sure to use our gear as much as possible and photograph those items in action. Besides creating content for us to post, it is expected that you share news about product releases, giveaways, and events. Brand ambassadors will share their referral links and for every purchase made with that link, they will receive 15% commission.

Awesome, but what are the requirements?

- Before applying you must be following Outdoor Products on at least 2 of the following social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.
- You must actively post on your social media accounts
- Wear our gear, proudly (backpacks must be worn exclusively)
- Be proactive and promote all aspects of Outdoor Products
- Promote, share, and contribute to our social media accounts
- Create and submit original content (photography, video, reviews) for Outdoor Products at least once a month
- Post Outdoor Products content to your own social media accounts at least twice a month
- Use your own social media accounts to like, interact, and comment on Outdoor Products posts
- Encourage others to visit our website with your personal referral link
- Use the #OutdoorProducts and/or #PackForLife hashtags as frequently as possible and encourage your network to do the same
- We ask all ambassadors to mention they are Outdoor Products brand ambassadors on their social media profiles

I can easily handle that, but what are the perks?
- A “Welcome to the Team” care package
- Discounts on all Outdoor Products gear
- The more your referral link is used, the more you get paid
- The chance to share your Pro Insight when Outdoor Products is developing new products and possibly testing pre-production designs
- Website and newsletter features
- The chance to write a featured guest post on our blog
- Lifestyle media feature

WOW… I’m in! What now?

Please fill in the application below! As you can imagine, we receive a ton of applications. Please understand that we review all applicants very carefully and as a result we take our time to make sure you are a great fit. If we believe so, we will reach out to you.